This is the second time that Bradley has publicly ripped Errol Spence for not fighting Terence Crawford!

Timothy Bradley has been very vocal about his disdain towards Errol Spence, and his claims that Errol Spence is ducking a unification fight with WBO champion terence Crawford. For the second time in 2 weeks tim Bradley has proceeded to rip Errol Spence, and essentially blame him for a unification fight between the two not happening. This stance is ironic because timothy Bradley ducked Errol Spence, when he was mandated by the WBC to fight Errol, but chose to retire instead. Also this is ironic because while terence Crawford continue to fight low-level competition in the welterweight division, Errol Spence is fighting a unification with one of the best fighters and what weight division in Shawn Porter. Also, terence Crawford was asked if he thought Errol Spence I was ducking him, and he said no. But Timothy Bradley, stated in a recent interview with Champside, that Terence Crawford has to say that Errol Spence is not ducking him, in order to keep the peace between both parties and open lines for potential Mega fight. This is absolutely absurd, because Errol Spence, has stated numerous times that he will not leave the welterweight division without fighting Terence Crawford. Spence says that he wants to clean up all of the belts on the PBC side, before a mega fight with Terence Crawford. This could happen rather quickly, if Spence beats Shawn Porter and where to fight Manny Pacquiao after. Spence with then have three of the four belts, with only Terence Crawford remaining to accomplish his mission of becoming undisputed welterweight champion of the world.

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