Ross claims to have sent an offer to sign the late great Nipsey Hussle to MMG!

On a recent podcast (A Waste Of Time) of Eric and Jeff Rosenthal of "It's the Real", Rick Ross spoke about why he never signed Nipsey Hussle to mmg. Ross, who has done numerous collabs with the late great rapper, says that really I was young at the time, I had just started going to Cali. I ran into him and I just felt this vision, felt this drive. I knew he was going to be somebody who was going to live his dreams out. I put the offer on the table for him and another young dude Dom kennedy. I wanted to establish MMG on the West Coast. I wasn't coming as much, I wasn't traveling as much and I didn't have as many connections as I do now. We didn't close that deal but we stayed in touch. The love was always genuine and it was there. These quotes are to be believed by Rick Ross, because Nipsey Hussle often spoke show the respect he had for Rick Ross and is hustle in life. Rick Ross and Nipsey Hussle did collab for a few epic tracks, but one could only imagine what would have been achieved between the two artist had nipsey hussle been signed to MMG. Nipsey will go down as a legend in Hip Hop history, as he loved and often gave back to his community and uplifted his peers.

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