Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Tensions are heating up as we get closer to Porter vs Spence PPV!

IBF welterweight champion of the world Errol Spence Jr is not playing any games with Shawn Porter heading into their pay-per-view match. Spence says that he is planning for Shawn Porter's dirty tactics, and that he will have a plan to address that. At their most recent press conference in Los Angeles at Staples Center, Errol Spence and I quote says I acknowledge that Shawn Porter is kind of dirty. A lot of times he does like to fight dirty especially if things don't go his way. I'm not worried about it, we have a game plan for this, is what Errol Spence had to say about Shawn Porter. Shawn Porter who is the current welterweight WBC champion of the world will have his hands full with Errol Spence Jr as Errol Spence Jr is a heavy favorite to win this fight the bout is set to take place September 28th at Staples Center in Los Angeles

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