Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Lonzo and his father disagree about the future of BBB!

In the latest trailer for the Facebook live series ball in the family Lonzo and his father Lavar Ball had an interesting exchange when talking about the direct of big baller brand.

Lonzo told his father that the brand is demolished and his father vehemently disagreed. Lonzo said the brand is demolished right now and Lavar responded asking that's how you feel? the brand is demolished? Lonzo then responded that's how everybody feels! Lavar then questioned Lonzo and asked who's everybody? Lonzo then replied the world! Lavar then said the brand is not demolished, and Lonzo finally responded with you got it man! It seems to be a situation of tug of war between Lonzo and Lavar definitely not being on the same page and Lonzo seemingly ready to move on from big baller brand after filing a lawsuit against one of his former cofounders. in the lawsuit Lonzo accused the co-founder of stealing money. Lonzo will be entering his third year in the NBA as he was just traded to the New Orleans Pelicans this past summer in a mega trade for Anthony Davis.

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